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MAX & JoAnn are coming to visit April 17 - 19, 2015.

Be Joyous!

11-11-K Meditation, in mp3 format, about 20 minutes

Galactic Sun, Galactic Heart Attunement

Galactic Sun, Galactic Heart Attunement
Practice on yourself and share with others.
This will be particularly useful in maintaining
a peaceful balanced perspective
around the July-Aug 2014 timeframe.
As always, would love feedback.

Take a good look at the picture. Get it in your mind's eye.
Take 3 good deep breaths.
Place your hands at your thymus and heart.
Start the attunement: Galactic Sun. Galactic Heart.
Breathe deeply.

Feel the heat of the Galactic Sun upon your back.
Absorb the heat.
Feel it spreading throughout your body, relaxing, energizing.
Flow the energy through your body, back to front.
Now Pull it front to back.

Let your body rock back and forth.
Multiple times, move the Galactic Sun: in and out.

When you are ready, feel millions of pink bubbles -
gently raining over you, softly kissing your skin.
Hugs. You have received the attunement.

Tuhuiri temple overlooking Lake Titicaca


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Jungle Walks, Peru
Ollantaytambo, Peru
Bolivan border crossing
Sweatlodge and Autumnal Equinox 2010:
Release, Renew, Motivate

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Ollantaytambo, Peru
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SoDalited-Blue-Sirius8-VE (58K)

6x4 image of Sodalited Attunement
play Sodalited Song
words & music by Nisa Nature, inspired by
SoDalited Attunement, performed by George

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White Cross Attunement helps heal grief
Rainbow 4-4-4 Attunement


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Capt. Robin L. Erixon, 2010

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